About Us


About Us

CHEEP is a Perth based clothing store established in 2013, that have been swiftly expanding throughout Australia. Our supplies range in unisex apparel, accessories and gifts. We promise to offer you all the latest fashion trends, at extremely cheep prices, plus for extra inspiration all of our style aid. Now straight to your doorstep!

CHEEP offers a wide range of fairly sourced quality products, and make it our mission to sell it as cheep as can be! Everything sold in CHEEP has been personally chosen for you and proudly supports many small family run factories in Bangkok, Thailand. We stock a large range of vintage garments in store and encourage recycling within the fashion industry to help reduce our eco-footprint.

We are run by a tight knit group of young ladies and gents, excited to offer you a continuous supply of newly updated fashion-forward looks at affordable prices. We hope to spread creativity, inspiration, style and ambitious minds via our stores and invite you all to join us on our CHEEP journey!


P.S. Check us out on Instagram for even more style aid @CHEEPSTORE